- Selling Your Condo

When the time comes to sell, it's time to contact condoideas, your key to opening the door to an efficient and profitable real estate sale.

We help you define your needs; we help you understand the forces of the market; and we help you prepare for the tactical details. Our goal is your goal, seeing that you make the greatest possible profit on your real estate investment.

We believe that the best way for you to realize the most potential from your property is to begin with an assessment of needs and to create a game plan. What are your goals? What is a reasonable time frame for achieving them? How does your property relate to the current market in your locale? With answers to these questions in hand, we develop a strategy.

The Price Needs to Be Right

With a plan in place, the next step is to match your time and financial needs with an asking price that is fair, reasonable and acceptable to you. Agents at condoideas will prepare a comparative market analysis and suggest a price that reflects comparable selling prices while allowing for a timely sale.

Is Your Property Ready?

Do you know what buyers are looking for? Unless you have been recently canvassing properties comparable to yours, you may not be aware of current standards in your market sector. This relates to the quality and condition of your unit.

Plus, you have grown used to seeing your property as it is. Let us take a fresh look at your property so that we can suggest needed improvements. Our expertise can translate into a quicker, more profitable sale.

Once on the Market

We offer a marketing plan that brings qualified buyers to your doorstep. After all, going to the dance and being asked to dance by the right person are not the same thing. You want to be assured that potential buyers will see your property once it is listed. And you want to be sure that the buyers are qualified to follow through with a purchase.

The Qualified Buyer

You won't want to waste time on an interested buyer who is not qualified to meet your asking price. We can help by checking on the buyer and then assuring you that they can follow through on an offer. In addition, we will review the written proposal, making sure it is comprehensive and drawn up properly.

Ready to Negotiate

As nice as it would be to accept an offer as presented, that is rarely possible. Negotiations usually precede acceptance of an offer. There's no need to be alone in this process. Our agents inform you about the offer and your obligations. The better you understand what is being offered, the better the outcome. We are there representing you, above all, seeing to it that the outcome meets your needs.

Ready, Set, Sell

Be prepared for a bit of back and forth between you and the buyer. And be prepared for a number of actions to be completed before the closing. Fortunately, you can turn to condoideas to coordinate the effort. We make sure that all the issues are addressed in a timely fashion. And we avoid costly delays by checking for issues that should be addressed well before getting to the closing table.

  • Pre-Closing:
  • Once a date is set for the closing, our agents ensure that all necessary documentation is prepared and that you have a chance to review it to your satisfaction. Any actions that need to be taken are also addressed and reviewed by your agent.

  • Closing:
  • While we do everything possible to ensure that you understand all aspects of the closing, nevertheless, things may crop up during the closing that were not foreseen. We are there at the closing to help mediate between parties so as to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Post-Closing:
  • You may have concerns or needs after closing, including the need to facilitate a move from the property. Let us provide a checklist and any other assistance to make sure your departure is uneventful.